Elegant lodging in over-water Cabanas plus superb fishing and outdoor adventure, all with impressive eco-sensitivity


Tropical Accommodations

Set on pilings over the water, the cabanas are beautiful and very comfortable. Made with shingled wooden roofs, covered in thatch for decoration, they all have their own private deck with swing chair and hammock. You can literally step from your deck to your boat!

Inside, they are finished with beautiful Honduran hardwood floors, mahogany or cedar shutters and hand carved doors - all are fully screened. Each cabana has a queen bed and a single bed, ceiling fans and reading lights.

They have private bathroom which contains a shower wit hot water, basin and toilet. They are wired with 110v electricity.

They do not contain fridges but the dining room/bar is open all day and you may obtain drinks, ice, etc as and when you like.

We do not have air conditioning…… here it is not needed, as there are fans above the bed for hot nights. Usually the ocean breeze makes you want a light blanket over you.

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Fishing at Mango Creek, a Veritable Eco Paradise

At Mango Creek, we pride ourselves on offering world class salt water fishing in a gorgeous and secluded environment. While here, you’ll have a chance to cast at bonefish, permit and tarpon with the backdrop of being surrounding by the mountainous jungle of the island of Roatan.

The lodge itself is only accessible by boat. The remote location helps anglers maximize the amount of time you spent on the water, especially since the flats are as close as 90 seconds by boat. Our fishery sees very little pressure and one of our greatest priorities is making sure it stays that way.

Fly fisherman spend most of their time wading the shallow turtle grass and coral flats. The most exciting way to catch fish on the fly is definitely by spotting and carefully stocking them on foot. Our bonefish here are generally bigger than those of others areas of the Caribbean, and are considered by some to be harder to catch. Satisfaction for a fly fisherman here comes not in enormous numbers of fish caught, but in the enormous size of the fish themselves. Catching fish on the flats requires the furtiveness of a hunter. But when you do hook up, there is no greater thrill than the shriek of your line burning off of your reel.  

In addition to fly fishing, spin fisherman are welcome at Mango Creek as well. Countless specious inhabit the nearby waters, and our guides are very capable of getting you onto some great fish.

Mango Creek is a catch and release lodge.

The fishing here is only getting better as we continue to discover new areas Roatan and on nearby islands. We have also waged a campaign of local environmental education and are making substantial progress in the battle against illegal netting. By cooperating with the local community, we are seeing fish populations increase dramatically, giving our fisherman even more opportunities at large schools of fish.


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Mango Creek Lodge: Green Small Luxury Hotel & Eco-Lodge